New Rega Planar 10 and Apheta 3 cartridge

New Rega Planar 10 turntable

Hidden System are exceptionally pleased to announce the all new Planar 10 turntable and Apheta 3 MC cartridge from Rega Research.

Key features:

The Planar 10 features the new RB3000 tonearm, ceramic top brace, completely re-engineered central hub bearing and the latest PL10 PSU housed in a custom case to match the latest range of electronics.

All this technology is built around their latest ultra-lightweight TANCAST 8 foam core with HPL skin skeletal plinth. 

The Planar 10 promises to deliver the highest level of performance from a Rega production model to date.

New Rega Planar 10 with Apheta 3 cartridge

New Rega Planar 10 with Apheta 3 cartridge

Linn price rise 1st October 2019 and end of service for Kinos and Kisto up to 15% off

Linn have announced a 10% price increase from 1st October 2019 across all products and spares - a good time to speak ?

Sept Linn 2019.png

Also Linn have announced today the end of service for both Kinos and Kisto Pre Amplifier - Surround processors.

It's now 15 years since Kinos and Kisto were introduced and Linn are no longer able to offer ongoing support for these products.

To help support this announcement, they are offering:

10% off a new Selekt DSM Surround,
10% off Akurate DSM or
15% off Klimax DSM**

when traded-in against one of these legacy system controllers from now until 30th September 2019

That is a massive saving of 25% on a KDSM compared to prices after 1st October 2019

We have two dead Linn Classik Movie 05 that can be used for the promo if that helps you.

10% off a Linn DSM network music player when you trade-in any music player

Hidden Systems in conjunction with Linn are offering 10% off a Linn DSM when you trade in your old music player.

Why Should I Choose a Linn DSM ?


You can stream everything, connect anything, and hear it all in the highest quality available: that's the power of Linn music players.

With great sound and built-in Space Optimisation across the range, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to a Linn.

Bring in your old CD player, bluetooth speaker, iPod dock—or anything in between—before 26th August for 10% off a Klimax DSM, Akurate DSM, Selekt DSM or Majik DSM. You'll also get a free 90-day subscription to TIDAL and Roon.

For full details see Terms & Conditions

Call us on 01753 858898 or email chris.fuller at to book your no obligation demonstration, either at our showroom or in your home.

Free Apple Mac Mini & Roon with Devialet Expert Pro

For a limited period, Hidden Systems is offering a free Apple Mac Mini and a Roon software licence with some models of Devialet’s Expert Pro Audiophile Hi-fi System.

The Devialet Expert Pro combines a DAC, streamer, phono stage, preamp and power amp in a single compact and stylish unit.  It features Devialet’s patented Analogue Digital Hybrid (ADH®) technology, which combines the smoothness and refinement of Class A amplification with the power of Class D amplification to give the highest level of performance.

It also features Speaker Active Matching (SAM®).  This enables the amplifier to tailor the sound to suit your speakers, achieving perfect time alignment between the loudspeaker drive units, resulting in a superior, clearer sound.

Roon is a highly acclaimed music controller system.  From its slick user interface you can integrate Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions and internet radio with your own local files (MP3, FLAC, Apple Lossless etc), so all your music is at your fingertips.  

Roon creates, in their words, a “searchable, surfable magazine about your music”.  It finds photos, lyrics, biographies, tour dates and reviews of the artists in your collection and aims to put back some of the “interactivity” that you used to get with records and CDs.

You can download a 14 day trial of Roon here

To get you started, we are also giving away a free Mac Mini with Quad Core Processor, 8Gb of RAM and 128Gb* of SSD storage when you buy certain models from the Expert Pro range.

Call us on 01753 858898 or email chris.fuller at to book your no obligation demonstration, either at our showroom or in your home.


Stereo Models

Expert Pro 140                     1 Year free Roon subscription

Expert Pro 220                     Lifetime free Roon subscription

Expert Pro 250                     Lifetime free Roon subscription + Apple Mac Mini*


Dual Mono Models

Expert Pro 210                     Lifetime free Roon subscription

Expert Pro 440                     Lifetime free Roon subscription + Apple Mac Mini*

Expert Pro 1000                   Lifetime free Roon subscription + Apple Mac Mini*

 *Upgrade to 1Tb SSD storage for £540 or up to 2Tb SSD storage for £900



Offer is limited only to purchases at RRP

Offer ends 15thSeptember 2019

Upgrades are available to Apple Mac Mini, but must be purchased and paid at time of order, upgrades are at Apple RRP.

Hidden Systems Ltd reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any point

Linn Exakt and Katalyst Upgrade Offer Summer 2019

If you own a pair of Linn’s amazing Akubarik or Klimax 350A loudspeakers, you now have the opportunity to upgrade to Exakt and Katalyst for a reduced cost.

By the environmentally friendly reuse of your existing amplifier modules, you can benefit from Linn’s Exakt technology. This improves the sound quality by keeping the music as a lossless digital signal all the way into the speaker. It also allows for time alignment and compensation for manufacturing variations in your loudspeaker drive units and permits the use of Space Optimisation+ to tailor the sound to suit your room, no matter where you put the speakers.

At the same time your system will be upgraded to utilise Linn’s fourth generation digital to analogue conversion technology, called Katalyst. This gives the most accurate reproduction of a digital music signal that is currently available.

As a further bonus, you will get a new five year warranty on your loudspeaker electronics.

Offer is available from 1st July until 26th August 2019

To find out more, get in touch with us today.

Akubarik and Klimax 350A Upgrade.png