Devialet 140 What HiFi review - lower price

Devialet 140 What HiFi review - lower price

Devialet Expert 140 Pro review

We have just noticed that What HiFi?’s glowing review of the Expert 140 Pro contains a couple of errors.

The review states that it is £4990, whereas we have it for £4490.

For an additional £350 you can have a preamp output module fitted at the factory when purchased allowing you to connect a subwoofer or headphones.

Come to Hidden Systems and we will make it sound like the 5 star product that it is.

Devialet Expert 140 Pro.png

Devialet Expert Pro Upgrades 2018 plus Roon free for 12 months

Devialet Expert Pro Upgrades 2018 plus Roon free for 12 months

Hidden Systems offer existing users of Devialet Expert Pro a chance to upgrade to the latest specification with a new 5 year warranty. Devialet also offer the chance to replace the casing too.

Devialet Expert Pro Upgrade 2018.png

The Upgrade Program 3.0 allows any end-customer to upgrade easily from an Expert system (V4/V5) to the new Expert Pro system with Core Infinity (V6+CI)

The benefits are multiple:
- Full replacement of the hardware platform from V4/V5 to V6+CI (all the electronics boards are replaced, apart from the advanced phono stage)

- Increased power and a new record in measured audio performance with the new V6 platform,    leading to enhanced sound quality
- New streaming features from the Core Infinity board
- New 5 years warranty with a brand new packaging

The upgrade 3.0 is available on a permanent basis from the Devialet online store exclusively to ensure a seamless and straightforward customer journey for the end-customer, and Expert dealers can assist in the the installation back into your system. 

The upgrade 2.1 - allowing V6 without Core Infinity customers to upgrade
for free to V6 with Core Infinity - remains open in parallel.

> Increased power and enhanced audio performance from the new

V6 hardware platform with the latest 13.x firmware version

1. New V6 hardware platform:

• New Class A amplifier, with an improved damping factor

• New Class D amplifier, with optimised efficiency

• New Magic Wire® DAC, with less THD over the full bandwidth

• New power supply, more powerful and responsive

• Integration of the Core Infinity board, with reworked clock

distribution for minimal digital jitter

• New thermal management on the 250 Pro and the 1000 Pro,

with a 100% pure copper bottom plate and rear panel

2. Increased power:

• +20W from Le 120 to the Expert 140 Pro

• +20W from Le 200 to the Expert 220 Pro

• +40W from Le 400 to the Expert 440 Pro Dual

• +200W from Le 800 to the Expert 1000 Pro Dual

Devialet Expert Core Infinity 3.0 upgrade 2018

How to upgrade my Devialet Expert Pro amplifier?

The Core Infinity is carried out in France by Devialet and can either be arranged by collection via UPS or brought into our store whereby their website carries out the preferred upgrade option quoting our dealer reference code     ST010035 

Devialet Expert Stereo Amp upgrades 2018.png
Devialet Expert Pro Upgrade 2018.png

LP12 upgrades at your home

As a LINN Forum member found out -  You get a system review too. In his case two rooms of DS to preamp weren't set correctly.

Naturally if you prefer to bring your deck to us no problem.

Hidden Systems offer free installation of new LP12 supply by us or some of the upgrades supplied by us (Minimum spend £1190 ie. LINN Krystal) free of charge. within a 50 mile radius of our Windsor postcode  SL4 1HZ in your home. The setup tools and Olympus microscope come to you.

Latest summer promo is below.


Devialet Dialog gift

Buy any Phantom White, Silver or Gold up to June 25th and receive a free Dialog worth £249. As Hidden Systems we also include this to include any new Expert Pro too ie. you may wish to own a Phantom as a current Expert end user.

June Offer _ Prospects.png

Hidden Systems partner Kudos Audio

Hidden Systems partner Kudos Audio

Hidden Systems are pleased to partner Kudos Audio for speakers that are our new Devialet range of integrated streamer amplifiers can drive beautifully. They also integrate into LINN Exakt technology via Exaktboxes. For more information click here

Rega AURA MC Phonostage

Rega AURA MC Phonostage

The reference Aura MC stage is the culmination of decades of electronic design development. Rega have created the ultimate, fully adjustable, three stage, all symmetrical pre-amplifier designed purely to extract the very best performance from your moving coil cartridge and vinyl playback system.

Built into a completely re-designed custom case, the Aura is dedicated to moving coil cartridges and stays clear of any compromises. Rega have avoided including any superfluous functions as they obstruct the signal path and degrade the sound quality. The Aura phono pre-amp incorporates remarkable and innovative design ideas. If you are a vinyl connoisseur, then the Aura MC is an absolute must for demonstration at Hidden Systems

£3999 UK

For more information

Trip to Munich HiFi

Great trip to Munich High End Show. Lots of interesting things to see and hear.

New LINN Akurate Katalyst

New LINN Akurate Katalyst


Linn's new Katalyst DAC Architecture performs digital-to-analogue conversion with greater precision than ever.

By using independent power supplies, a super-accurate master clock, an ultra-low distortion output driver and a high stability input reference level, it gives the most accurate conversion of digital data to an analogue signal currently available.

So what does this new technology sound like? The most common reaction from the clients who have already upgraded is "wow".  Katalyst makes the music more like music and less like Hi-Fi. It gives a closer insight into how the artist wanted their music to sound.

Simply put, this new technology allows music to further enrich your life.

The best way to find out about Katalyst is to come and hear it for yourself.  


Tiger Paw Stratos Plinth

 Tiger Paw Stratos Plinth

Tiger Paw Stratos Plinth

After a great weeks skiing, came back to Windsor to assembly Tiger Paw’s new Stratos aluminum plinth deck. I can only say what a delight it is to look at, build and listen to. I built as Radikal, Kore, latest Akito and Krystal MC.

For those that love LINN Klimax black case will love this finish. 

Very happy to have it here if anyone would like to have a look and listen.

Retails at £2995 UK


TIGER PAW Promotion to coincide with linn promo

Up until 30th March we offer the Tiger Paw Stratos at less 15% when purchased with either a Lingo 4 or Urika 2 

LINN offer reminder is 


  1. This offer runs from 29th January to 30th March 2018 inclusive. Only orders placed 7. during this period (including GPA pre-order week, commencing 22nd January 2018)
    will be eligible for this promotion. •

  2. Orders placed by 30th March 2018 must be dated for delivery no later than 13th April • 2018. •

  3. All orders must be placed using the supplied order form. All order forms must include • the customer’s name and e-mail address along with details of the LP12 upgrade being • ordered as a minimum. Orders placed without these details will not qualify for
    the promotion. 8.

  4. Under this offer, customers buying either Urika II or new Lingo are also entitled to 15% off the suggested retail price of any LP12 upgrade listed in point 5, that is purchased at the same time.

This offer excludes the following products/packages:


5. The 15% price reduction applies only to the following products:

  • Sondek LP12 (deck only)

  • Keel

  • Kore 10.

  • Ekos SE

  • Akito

  • Kandid

  • Krystal 11.

  • Uphorik

  • Trampolin 12.

  • Cirkus Kit

  • T-Kable

Upon submission of the completed order form, Linn will provide the relevant product at 15% off the retailer’s usual trade price, i.e. the retailer’s standard discount
will be applied to the reduced retail price.

The 15% price reduction is not offered on Urika II or new Lingo.

This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion, special discount or demonstration discount other than the offer described above.

6. One upgrade can be claimed with the 15% discount per Urika II or new Lingo purchased.

This promotion is being run by Linn Products Ltd (“Linn”), Glasgow Road, Waterfoot, Eaglesham, Glasgow, G76 0EQ, UK. Registered Company Number: 52366 


LINN Winter Promotion 2017

LINN Winter Promotion 2017

There’s no place like a Linn home

Update to Linn DS this season and receive a second room of exceptional sound, with love from Linn

This winter LINN offer a complimentary DS  

  • Klimax DS or DSM receives a Majik DSM 
  • Akurate DS or DSM receives a Serkit DSM 
  1. This offer runs from 4th December 2017 to the 26th January 2018 inclusive. Only orders placed during this period will be eligible for the promotion.

  2. Orders placed by 26th January 2018 must be dated for despatch no later than 5th February 2018.

  3. All orders must be placed using the supplied order form. All order forms must include the customer’s name and e-mail address. Orders placed without the requested details will not qualify for the promotion. The order form can be found on the Resources website.

  4. Under this offer, customers are entitled to the following: 
    • A free of charge MAJIK DSM when purchasing either a KLIMAX DS or KLIMAX DSM
    • A free of charge SEKRIT DSM when purchasing either an AKURATE DS or AKURATE DSM


    *KLIMAX EXAKT DSM and AKURATE EXAKT DSM are excluded from this offer.

  5. This offer is available to customers in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and UAE

  6. Should the retailer wish to offer the customer any additional discount, this is entirely at the discretion of the retailer. Linn’s commitment under this offer is to honour the free of charge product as detailed in point 4 only.

  7. The free of charge DSM will only be supplied at the same time as the purchased AKURATE or KLIMAX DS/DSM.

  8. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion, special discount or demonstration discount.


Review of Lejonklou Sagatun Mono and Tundra Mono by HiFi+ July 2017

Here's a great review of Lejonklou Dual Pre Amp and Dual Mono amplifier by Alan Sircom

"To my mind, the Lejonklou Sagatun and Tundra Mono amps are how amplifiers are supposed to sound. There is a tendency for some amplifiers to follow Beecham’s quip – “The English may not like music, but they absolutely love the sound it makes” – in that they make music sound beautiful, but completely free from what makes people passionate about music itself. The Lejonklou Four invert this: they get to the core of what makes people enjoy music. Recommended!" +

Congratulations Fredrik Lejonklou

Review here


The Great Exchange - Linn limited time Summer 2017 promotion

The Great Exchange - Linn limited time Summer 2017 promotion

In 2007 Linn pioneered hi quality music streaming with the launch of the Linn DS, delivering sound quality and flexibility unmatched by CD players.

Two years later they stopped making CD players altogether.

Linn want to bring as many loyal customers to embrace streaming but if you still love vinyl they’re giving the chance to trade in a CD player to get the LP12 turntable you’ve always wanted.

So if you’ve enjoyed Mimiks, Genkis, Kariks, Ikemis, Kolektors, Wakondas, Kairns together with the all-in-one Classik Music & Classik Movie systems now is the time to move forward.

Linn recognise the commitment you’ve made to the brand, and we want to make it as easy and attractive as possible for you to upgrade to their latest products.

For a limited period, you can exchange your Linn disc player, or Linn pre-amplifier, for a guaranteed value against any new product:

Pick a Network Music Player, new Speakers, an LP12 Turntable, or even their latest Exakt upgrades—it’s all up to you.

Linn’s latest products offer superior performance, access to vast new sources of digital music and features you just won’t find with a CD player: such as Radio, Space Optimisation, Multiroom and limitless control options.

Plus, each one is upgradeable: new features, services, and even performance upgrades are regularly available.

So whether you want to listen to the radio, use a Computer or NAS to storage your CDs, want to flick music to Airplay to a Linn HiFi or connect your turntable – LINN has is covered and with Hidden Systems we can help get you there.


#Linn Classik Music broken

"I own a broken Linn Classik Music and want an all in one music system" -

Majik DSM normally £2965saves £500 to £2465

"I own a Karik CD player and just want a replacement source " -

Majik DS normally £1990saves £500 to £1490

#Both worlds for now

"I own a Ikemi CD player, Kudos Tuner connect to a Kairn and interested in playing my CDs that I've ripped to my NAS and I'm ready to hear better but my wife still likes playing CDs for now" -

Replace the Kairn on promo, eBay the Kudos tuner combined for an Akurate DSM £6350 saves £1000 to £5350 and connect the Ikemi to the ADSM and migrate forward until the CD player finally breaks.

#I've always wanted an LP12 but were beyond me - until now

If you've always wanted an LP12 Sondek and what to get back into vinyl but have an old Linn player such as Karik/Numerik then consider

Linn Majik LP12   £2930  less £500 to £2430

Linn Akurate LP12 £6880  less £1000 to £5880

Linn Klimax LP12 £18670 less £2000 to £16670 

Terms & Conditions

The Great Exchange Promotion

  1. This offer runs from 3rd July 2017 to the 31st August 2017 inclusive. Only orders placed during this period will be eligible for the promotion.

  2. Under this offer, customers are entitled to a set reduction off the suggested retail price of any of the following product ranges when they trade in any of the Linn legacy products listed below in point 3. 
    • Klimax, Akurate, Majik DS or DSM (*exclusions apply)
    • Klimax, Akurate, Majik Amplifiers
    • Klimax, Akurate, Majik Exaktbox
    • Klimax, Akurate, and Series 5 Loudspeakers

    * Klimax Exakt DSM, Akurate Exakt DSM, Majik Loudspeakers and Majik Exaktbox Sub are excluded from this offer

  3. Linn legacy products
    • Akurate CD
    • Majik CD
    • Ikemi
    • Genki
    • Karik
    • Mimik
    • Classik Music
    • Unidisk 1.1, 2.1, SC
    • Classik Movie, Movie 05
    • Klimax Kontrol
    • Alurate Kontrol
    • Majik Kontrol
    • Wakonda
    • Kolektor
    • Kairn

  4. Full promotion only available in Europe and North America. Majik level is not included in the promotion outside these regions.

  5. Discount prices shown online are recommended only and variations may apply. Please contact your local Linn dealer for correct pricing for your territory.

  6. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion, special discount or demonstration discount.

  7. This promotion is being run by Linn Products Ltd ("Linn"), Glasgow Road, Waterfoot, Eaglesham, Glasgow, G76 0EQ, UK. Registered Company Number: SCO52366

Rega RP10 now on demo

Hidden Systems now have the latest top of the range Rega turntable called the RP10 complete with their Aphelion Moving Coil cartridge on demonstration. It sounds fantastic.

"Frankly, the RP10 is not only the best Rega I've tested but one of the best bar none, irrespective of price". Paul Miller Hi-Fi News August 2015 Outstanding Product Award.

The RP10 represents the biggest step forward in the evolution of Roy Gandy’s turntable design philosophy. 

The Aphelion is the third generation of Rega's unique moving coil cartridges.Taking the technology developed from the latest Apheta 2 to the next level, their engineers have fine tuned every aspect of the original design.


Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 21.02.49.png

 Exakt-Enabled Surround Sound

Exakt-Enabled Surround Sound

Hidden Systems can now offer a better surround sound experience from Linn. With Exakt-enabled surround sound, we can give our customers the most realistic music & movie experience ever, thanks to the benefits of Exakt technology.

Seamless integration into your home

Seamless integration into your home

Hidden Systems can now bring incredible sound to your home installations with the seamless integration of Linn network music players within Crestron and Control4 systems.

Linn Klimax DS Award Winner

Linn Klimax DS Award Winner

The Klimax DS and Klimax DSM featuring Katalyst has been awarded ‘’Streamer of the Year’’ in Hifi Plus Magazine