Linn design and make some of the best music systems in the world. Based in Scotland, the company was established in 1973 to manufacture the now iconic Sondek LP12, still being developed and produced over 40 years later and regarded by many as the most musical turntable ever.

Hidden Systems stock a full range of Majik, Akurate and Klimax products from the acclaimed LP12 turntable to digital streamers, amplifiers, loudspeakers and more. We can help you discover the perfect Linn products for your home, from a single hi-fi system component upgrade to an entirely new music system.

We pride ourselves on our level of service, whether that be a home installation and setting up of Space Optimisation or providing your LP12 service.

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Full setup tools, jigs and microscope

Full setup tools, jigs and microscope

With over thirty years experience of the LP12 Sondek, we are committed to offering customers a wide range of maintenance and upgrade options. 

We normally carry six LP12s in stock with various specifications in order to demonstrate the merits of various options whether cartridges, arms, power supplies and other upgrades. To see what upgrades are recommended visit our LP12 Konfigurator.

We are passionate about providing our customers with excellent and consistent servicing and maintenance of their Sondek. 

Our workshop includes a specialist Olympus VM microscope in order to carry out examinations of styli. 

We use torque screwdrivers to ensure absolute consistency when setting up decks.

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LINN LP12 Servicing

We are happy to examine any LP12 free of charge to determine required work.

Cartridge and Stylus assessment using our Olympus VM4 stereo microscope.


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In your home - we tune the system to match your room. At HiddenSystems we are Linn experts with a track record of being pleasant and patient to take clients on a journey of discovery and at no point being arrogant or assumptive.

Using a LINN DS or DSM we can room correct errors whether you use LINN speakers or many others.