Our relationship with Fredrik Lejonklou started with his classic Kikkin pre amplifier - a one in one out product with volume control with a price versus performance being exceptional. 

Following a visit to Stockholm in 2014, Hidden Systems are pleased to have been chosen as reseller of Lejonklou products.

All Lejonklou products are meticulously designed built and tested by Fredrik Lejonklou in Sweden. The attention to detail is what provides these products with their super musical reproduction. 

To quote Fredrik himself

"Building the best hifi is like building a musical instrument - Every detail matters"

Lejonklou UK Price list May 2019

Tundra Power Amplifier

What does a Lejonklou Tundra Power Amplifier really sound like? 

  • you feel that the instruments are better tuned

  • this becomes a more obvious melody that is easier to sing or hum with

  • you experience the musicians playing more close together

  • you may think this isn't the amplifier for a rave and you are probably right but for 95% people prefer to look after their ears - this is loud enough

  • you know that most loudspeakers give c.86db sound pressure for only one watt of amplifier power

  • and....

  • you relax

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