Tiger Paw is an innovative UK company that designs and manufacturers hardware components to completion various turntables including wall shelves.

Roger Hamilton has the ability to think outside the square and his new Tranquility, more music.  The Tranquility bearing support significantly lowers friction which in turn lowers the amount of residual noise transmitted by the bearing. You basically get more from your LP12 with magnetic levitation that has been used before but is currently also used by a small number of exotic turntable manufacturers. Tiger Paw's application does not actually raise the spindle from it’s contact with the thrust pad but it does dramatically reduce the force and friction between the two surfaces by around 90%.

Tranquility has taken a considerable amount of time to develop and draws upon a broad range of specialist experience in turntable component development, and utilizes a unique array of high quality rare earth magnets in a specific arrangement to ensure that the fields are perfectly aligned in order to deliver precisely the amount of force required. In particular we’d like to thank Mark Holterman for his contribution and collaboration along with his original work with magnetic systems.

Tranquility does not require any modification or dismantling of your LP12. Simply remove the outer platter, belt and inner platter, place the lower assembly over the lower bearing housing, place the upper ring on the underside of the inner platter and reinstall the platters and belt.

Not only will you experience a new level of musicality from your LP12 but your bearing assembly will be subject to dramatically less wear - some describe the improvement as an extra layer of musicality. Tranquility is compatible with both pre Cirkus and Cirkus bearings along with standard sub chassis, Kore, Keel and of course our own Akula sub chassis.

Shown here is a picture of Tranquility on a LINN LP12

Shown here is a picture of Tranquility on a LINN LP12