Linn Exakt and Katalyst Upgrade Offer Summer 2019

If you own a pair of Linn’s amazing Akubarik or Klimax 350A loudspeakers, you now have the opportunity to upgrade to Exakt and Katalyst for a reduced cost.

By the environmentally friendly reuse of your existing amplifier modules, you can benefit from Linn’s Exakt technology. This improves the sound quality by keeping the music as a lossless digital signal all the way into the speaker. It also allows for time alignment and compensation for manufacturing variations in your loudspeaker drive units and permits the use of Space Optimisation+ to tailor the sound to suit your room, no matter where you put the speakers.

At the same time your system will be upgraded to utilise Linn’s fourth generation digital to analogue conversion technology, called Katalyst. This gives the most accurate reproduction of a digital music signal that is currently available.

As a further bonus, you will get a new five year warranty on your loudspeaker electronics.

Offer is available from 1st July until 26th August 2019

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Akubarik and Klimax 350A Upgrade.png