Kudos Audio Titan 505 wins HiFi Choice 5 star award

Hidden Systems Kudos Reference dealer are delighted to share with you Kudos outstanding first Titan 505 review by Hi-Fi Choice. Awarded Editors Choice, the five-star review concludes: "The 505 more than earns the right to bear the Titan moniker, Kudos has extracted a truly room-filling sound from a relatively small cabinet and this standmount is an absolute delight with whatever material you care to feed it."

Review of Kudos Titan 505 here

Why not book a demo and hear with your current system, Naim?

Maybe consider downsizing to a one box Devialet Expert Pro complete with their SAM profile or Linn Selekt DSM.

If you have always wondered what is a active speaker system then try Linn an Akurate or Klimax DSM streamer/preamp with a Klimax Twin Power. Kudos can easily be converted to run active by removing rear jumper links, add a Linn Exaktbox 6 and four amp channels and you have it - passive vs. active.

Kudos Audio Titan 505.jpg
Kudos Titan 505 at Hidden Systems Windsor.PNG