Upgrade your LP12 with Linn's flexible promotion

LP12 Spring Promotion of 15% on the second upgrade

LP12 Spring Promotion of 15% on the second upgrade

Over the past 46 years, the LP12 has been the turntable against which all others are judged. One of its best features is the ability to upgrade any LP12, no matter how old, to the latest specification.

As an incentive to dust off your record collection, Linn is giving you the opportunity to buy any LP12 upgrade and receive 15% off an additional upgrade up to 30th April 2019.

Whether you want to replace your ageing Valhalla power supply or take your deck to peak of vinyl replay, this promotion is for you.

We are happy to advise on upgrades and demonstrate what is possible, regardless of how long you have had your LP12, and regardless of where you bought it.

Only one order per customer with up to a maximum of four upgrades (two at full price, two at discounted price).

  1. The promotion only applies to the following LP12 upgrades:

    • Sondek LP12 (deck only)

    • LP12 Plinth

    • Cirkus Kit

    • Trampolin

    • Keel

    • Kore

    • Standard sub-chassis

    • Radikal (Standard)

    • Radikal (Machined)

    • Lingo

    • Majik PSU (internal power supply)

    • T-Kable

    • Ekos SE

    • Akito

    • Majik tonearm

    • Urika

    • Urika II

    • Uphorik

    • Internal MM/MC phono stage module

  2. This offer excludes the following products/packages:

    • Klimax LP12

    • Akurate LP12

    • Majik LP12

    • Radikal (Standard) & Urika package

    • Radikal (Machined) & Urika package

    • Kandid

    • Krystal

    • Adikt

    • Adikt Stylus

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