New upgrade for Linn DSM offers comprehensive Surround Sound solution with any speakers

A Surround Processing upgrade is now available for Klimax DSM and Akurate DSM*, offering a high performance solution with any speakers and providing a valuable opportunity to update existing Linn Surround Sound systems with the latest high performance. The upgrade software to run this is £1200 and runs on HDMI version 2.0 boards (if not fitted already are £600).

The simple upgrade, fitted to the HDMI 2.0 board in the field, provides on-board processing of up to 7.1 channels of Dolby and DTS audio.

Your existing passive speakers can now be used in a Linn Surround set-up with the addition of an Exaktbox. New software functionality means the Exaktbox can be configured to one output per speaker – simply choose the Exaktbox that provides the required number of outputs.

It is also possible to use a combination of passive and Exakt speakers, or full Exakt Surround if desired.

Trade in your Kisto, Kinos and Exotik+DA today and enjoy reinvigorated Linn Surround Sound experience with a 10% off on ADSM and KDSMs until 31st March 2019 when purchased with the new surround software at £1200.