Devialet Expert Pro Upgrades 2018 plus Roon free for 12 months

Hidden Systems offer existing users of Devialet Expert Pro a chance to upgrade to the latest specification with a new 5 year warranty. Devialet also offer the chance to replace the casing too.

Devialet Expert Pro Upgrade 2018.png

The Upgrade Program 3.0 allows any end-customer to upgrade easily from an Expert system (V4/V5) to the new Expert Pro system with Core Infinity (V6+CI)

The benefits are multiple:
- Full replacement of the hardware platform from V4/V5 to V6+CI (all the electronics boards are replaced, apart from the advanced phono stage)

- Increased power and a new record in measured audio performance with the new V6 platform,    leading to enhanced sound quality
- New streaming features from the Core Infinity board
- New 5 years warranty with a brand new packaging

The upgrade 3.0 is available on a permanent basis from the Devialet online store exclusively to ensure a seamless and straightforward customer journey for the end-customer, and Expert dealers can assist in the the installation back into your system. 

The upgrade 2.1 - allowing V6 without Core Infinity customers to upgrade
for free to V6 with Core Infinity - remains open in parallel.

> Increased power and enhanced audio performance from the new

V6 hardware platform with the latest 13.x firmware version

1. New V6 hardware platform:

• New Class A amplifier, with an improved damping factor

• New Class D amplifier, with optimised efficiency

• New Magic Wire® DAC, with less THD over the full bandwidth

• New power supply, more powerful and responsive

• Integration of the Core Infinity board, with reworked clock

distribution for minimal digital jitter

• New thermal management on the 250 Pro and the 1000 Pro,

with a 100% pure copper bottom plate and rear panel

2. Increased power:

• +20W from Le 120 to the Expert 140 Pro

• +20W from Le 200 to the Expert 220 Pro

• +40W from Le 400 to the Expert 440 Pro Dual

• +200W from Le 800 to the Expert 1000 Pro Dual

Devialet Expert Core Infinity 3.0 upgrade 2018

How to upgrade my Devialet Expert Pro amplifier?

The Core Infinity is carried out in France by Devialet and can either be arranged by collection via UPS or brought into our store whereby their website carries out the preferred upgrade option quoting our dealer reference code     ST010035 

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Devialet Expert Pro Upgrade 2018.png