How good IS a Linn LP12 and Majik DSM?

By combining the Majik LP12 with the Majik DSM you get a legendary LP12 turntable and Linn’s equally legendary network music player that gives you the best of both worlds: the warmth and tactility of vinyl and the clarity, detail and choice of digital music. Just add speakers for a truly extraordinary musical experience. Together they’ll transform any system.

If you are a Naim user, you may wish to seek comments on their forum, “Get an LP12. Anything else, and you'll always wonder if it was the right choice”.

Majik LP12 with Majik DSM at Hidden Systems.png

Both are available for £5000.

Just add your speakers or Hidden Systems suggest add speakers - either yours or maybe these?

Linn Majik 109 on stands.png

THE COMPLETE IS with Majik 109 speakers and stands for £6100


THE COMPLETE IS with Majik 140 speakers for £6600

LINN Majik 140 with Majik DSM Integrated Streamer Amplifier shown to the left

LINN Majik 140 with Majik DSM Integrated Streamer Amplifier shown to the left

Terms & Conditions: ‘Do you believe in Majik?’ – Linn Seasonal Promotion 2018

  1. This offer runs from 4th December 2018 to the 29th January 2019 inclusive. Only orders placed during this period, and for delivery by 5th February 2019, will be eligible for the promotion.

  2. Under this offer, customers are entitled to a special package price for a Majik DSM network music player and MAJIK LP12 turntable when purchased together.

  3. The MAJIK DSM and the MAJIK LP12 must be ordered together in one transaction.

  4. Only MAJIK DSM and MAJIK LP12 apply in this promotion, other variants of Linn DSM players or SONDEK LP12 turntables are not included but if you speak to Hidden Systems magic may happen.