Devialet Reactor

Meet Phantom Reactor, a new breed of wireless speaker. 

By stretching size and performance beyond reasonable limits, Devialet engineers have brought to life the only ultra-compact home sound system capable of delivering high fidelity and physical impact, whatever volume you listen at.

The most powerful compact speaker in the world

The only connected speaker that delivers high fidelity sound in such a compact design.

2 new models

Phantom REACTOR 600 • 95 dB SPL • 600W at £990.00 UK Pounds

Phantom REACTOR 900 • 98 db SPL • 900W at £1290.00 UK Pounds

• Four times smaller than the iconic Phantom (Classic Phantom, Silver Phantom and Gold

Phantom, now combined into a range called Phantom PREMIER) Phantom REACTOR is 3

litres in volume and weighs 10 pounds.

Reactor And Premier Side View Square at HiddenSystems.png

The whole Devialet range available at Hidden Systems Windsor Berkshire.

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The only connected speaker that delivers high fidelity sound in such a compact design

Up to 900W from a 3 litre speaker, starting at £990

Devialet today unveils Phantom REACTOR, a new pinnacle in

sound engineering, and the next step in the company’s vision to make the emotional

power of sound accessible to as many people as possible through ground-breaking


Phantom REACTOR is an ultra-compact speaker that delivers unprecedented power, fidelity

and volume. The result of three years of research and development in acoustic and mechanical

engineering, Devialet is proud to announce Phantom REACTOR 600 and Phantom REACTOR

900, as the latest additions to the Devialet Phantom family.


With Phantom REACTOR, Devialet has once again taken sound to a new level. It is the only

ultra-compact loudspeaker with a maximum volume of 98 dB SPL, enabled by an

unprecedented 900W of peak power. Phantom REACTOR reproduces sound as the artist

intended: all the details with zero distortion, zero saturation or background noise. Just pure

sound reproduction.

Phantom REACTOR is precision-engineered, both technically and physically, for optimal audio

performance. A compact spherical design with perfect acoustic form, two push-push woofers

with extreme cone excursion delivering ultra-deep audio and one full-range speaker combine for

the ultimate sound experience in a smaller package, with zero compromise on sound quality.

• 219mm (Length) x 157 mm (Width) x 168 mm (Height), it is small enough to be held in one

hand, but can play as loudly as a symphony orchestra playing at full force

• Delivering unreasonable sound from infra-bass at 18Hz (like having a subwoofer in the room)

to sharp treble at 21Khz

• Phenomenal sound amplitude without distortion, saturation or background noise through

unique Devialet-created technology

Phantom REACTOR is plug and play. It can be operated wirelessly via Bluetooth, Spotify

Connect, Airplay, UPnP or through an analog or optical jack connection - and can be remotely

controlled through a dedicated app.


Since it was first founded, Devialet has worked continually to miniaturise its inventions and

make them available to new audiences.

The miniaturisation of Phantom REACTOR should be a technical impossibility – but it has been

made possible by the unrelenting passion of 100 Devialet engineers, constantly challenging

audio conventions, one radical invention at a time. 11 additional patents have contributed to

Phantom REACTOR’s amazingly disruptive design, all leading to an ultra-compact form at a

more accessible price.

Breakthrough Devialet innovations, pushed further and embedded in Phantom REACTOR


● Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH.), Devialet's core innovation in sound amplification,

combining the sophistication of Class A analog amplification with the power and

compactness of Class D digital technology;

● Speaker Active Matching (SAM.), the mathematical model that ensures perfect control

of speakers and high acoustic fidelity of Phantom REACTOR;

● Heart Bass Implosion (HBI.), the revolutionary acoustic process that emits bass sounds

with phenomenal depth and physical impact;

● Active Cospherical Engine (ACE™), the spherical design and the perfect acoustic form

to reproduce a sound and diffuse its energy linearly in all directions.


Phantom REACTOR is designed, manufactured and assembled in France, in a new

manufacturing facility opened by Devialet specifically for Phantom REACTOR.

For Phantom REACTOR, Devialet is expanding its distribution network. In the UK, Phantom

REACTOR will be available at Selfridges, Harrods,, as well as

through Devialet’s own stores and network of high-end audio resellers including Hidden Systems Windsor.


Connectivity AC Wi-Fi  dual-band, Gigabit Ethernet, CPL  Homeplug  AV2, 3.5mm  analogue audio in, mini optical digital  input

Playback options AirPlay, UPnP  Renderer, Bluetooth:  A2DP  and  AVRCP profiles,  AAC,  SBC  audio  codecs, Spotify  Connect

Audio  formats supported HE-AAC  (V1),  AAC  (16  to  320  kbit/s),  WMA  (16  bit),  MP3  (16  to  320  kbit/s),  MP3  VBR,  Apple  Lossless,  AIFF,  WAV,  FLAC,  Vorbis  and  Opus