Changes to LINN Exakt Box Model Range

Changes to Exakt Box Model Range

Exakt is Linn’s proprietary digital active crossover technology that ensures perfect time alignment of every note and every harmonic, making the music sound less like hi-fi and more like real music.

You can either buy a complete Linn Exakt system or by purchasing one or more Exakt boxes you can upgrade your existing system to Exakt technology.

The Majik Exaktbox-I combines an eight channel Exakt crossover with eight 100 watt power amplifiers. This product is being discontinued at the end of this year, so if you would like to upgrade your Majik system using a visually matching Exakt box then you will need to get your order in soon.

The new Akurate Exaktbox-I is now available that also offers eight channels of 100 watt Exakt amplification. Next Spring the Katalyst architecture will be added to the Exaktbox, improving things even further.  This will be retrofittable to existing Akurate Exaktbox-I units at the cost of the difference in retail price between the old and new units.

Majik Exaktbox-I will also be upgradable to Katalyst, but this will be charged at the full upgrade price.

To learn more about Linn’s Exaktbox range, or to hear the difference it makes in your own system, please get in touch.

Please find below their latest price list