A local Windsor customer (who I tried to sell LINN to years ago when working in Eton) made a recent guest appearance recently.

“Hello, don’t I know you?” “

Yes” he replied. “We met in Eton when you were selling Linn and I preferred Naim. I’ve been listening to Naim ever since, however I’m interested in two things: I’ve inherited my father’s old LP12 and I’m thinking of getting a streamer for my Naim setup.”

We were more than happy to service his LP12 which was in desperate need of a new tonearm and happened to have a used Ittok in stock. With the deck serviced and a Lingo 1 added we showed the couple into the basement where we were unboxing a Devialet Expert Pro Integrated amplifier /streamer DAC with phonostage. Sometimes there are things like a LINN Selekt that catch your eyes. The Linn Selekt is brilliant in so many ways. On this occasion the Devialet won over the client with a comment of this is so much better than the Naim and to have it in a one box elegant chrome case has certainly impressed the wife. Never assume clients stay with one brand for ever.

Devialet Expert 140 with LINN LP12