Melco Syncrets Inc. was established in April, 2016 as a subsidiary of Melco Holdings Inc. - holding the most well-known and largest computer peripherals manufacturer "Buffalo Inc." in Japan.

The 1st Generation N1Z and N1A Series have achieved great success, changing NAS to a real "Music Library" therefore MELCO N1 Series are both music store and UPnP server, and are also a source for a USB-DAC with exceptional sound quality. In the digital domain many audiophiles do not understand how a server with 1's and 0's can make a difference but the proof is in the listening.

The three new models building on the high performance, ease of use and flexibility offered by the original N1 series reflects both technical improvements and feedback from owners to further improve sound quality but also to add innovative new functionality previously rare with this type of Audiophile Source Component.

It is simple to use NAS achieved without the user needing to use any computer or IT devices in order to enjoy Hi-Res Digital Music from many sources making this NAS very simple to use whether your streamer is a LINN, Naim or Sonos.

The three models are priced as follows

N1ZS20/2     £7,700.00

Melco N1ZS/2


N1ZH60/2    £4,299.00

Melco N1ZH/2


N1AH60/2    £2,099.00


Melco N1A/2