Visit us in Windsor with listening rooms that are on the ground floor for music and cinema or dedicated two channel only in a very calm basement . Listen to your favourite music or film soundtracks on systems tuned by us whether your passion is streaming, vinyl, CD or Blu-Ray.

How many options systems to consider and will I be sold to?

As with all brands it’s good to have the whole range therefore some of the listening room pictures don't paint the whole story, much is hidden away. Let us know what you currently have and see whether we can integrate an upgrade or maybe it's a big birthday treat for you to start afresh - you deserve it. It's fun helping people get on the ladder of a first system or what made you excited in your current HiFi journey.

Ex demo 

We can assist with either new and yes sometimes we can offer ex demonstration equipment complete with excellent backup and support. With LINN LP12 turntables people often seek the best deal they can - just remember many manufacturers have a policy of continual improvement therefore don't be too surprised if you the ex-demo bargain has been bettered - see Kaizen (改善)  - Japanese for improvement. 

Gnd Floor Cinema and Music.JPG