Hidden Systems are pleased to be associated with Graham Audio, and are stockists of their range of loudspeakers.

Graham Audio are a British loudspeaker manufacturer with over 20 years experience of working in the pro audio arena. They recognised the qualities of the BBC's legendary LS5/9 studio monitor, but were concerned by the lack of spare parts and support for any loudspeakers still in use. This studio monitor loudspeaker is much sought after by connoisseurs of high fidelity audio so after consultation with the BBC it was agreed to relaunch the original design under license.

They are currently producing the legendary LS5/9’s, the larger LS5/8's and the iconic Chartwell LS3/5a's to their very exacting specifications and testing criteria. True to the original concept with some carefully considered cosmetic and practical alterations, the new loudspeakers will greatly enhance any professional level high fidelity system, providing accurate, transparent audio reproduction with exceptional build quality.

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