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Kudos and Linn Exakt night

Join us at HiddenSystems in Windsor for their next evening event, featuring the magical combination of  Titan 505 loudspeakers driven in a fully active configuration on both digital and analogue Linn Akurate / Klimax systems.

The full system on demonstration will be:
Linn Akurate DSM / Linn Klimax DS
Linn Klimax LP12 Urika II
Linn Akurate Exaktbox
Linn Klimax Twin x 2
Kudos Audio Titan 505

The evening will kick off at 7.30pm and run to 10pm or later for anyone wishing to attend.  Complimentary drinks and nibbles will on offer as usual, courtesy of our local deli.

Places are limited for this event with 20 places available for reservation.  Entry is free of charge, but please book early through Linn’s website