Affordable stereo system day

We often get asked what is the best affordable stereo to buy?

Whether your new into vinyl, want to get the best of streaming - here are some systems we’ll have on demo on this day, warmed up and ready to go.

  • Rega P2, BlueSound Node 2 (i) streamer into Rega Brio R amplifier with Totem Acoustic Arro speakers

  • Rega P3, Linn Majik DSM into Linn Majik 140 speakers

  • Rega P6 Lejonklou Gaio, into Lejonklou Boazu amp into Kudos Audio X2

  • LINN Majik LP12 into Devialet 220 Amplifier into Kudos Audio Titan 505s

  • The new Rega P8 Ania into Rega Aria, Elicit R Amplifier into Kudos Audio 606

Contact here to come along