MID Level System Builder

This page can be used to design your system based on quality components we have specially selected that will give great musical performance that are a step up from entry level. Individual component prices are shown but once submitted we will confirm your choices (for example colour choice) and total cost.




CD Players




Phono Stages


Combined Streamer/Amplifiers






Use the selection boxes below to choose your components, complete your details before submitting to us.

Complete 1 Box system with loudspeakers
Minimalist system for simplicity
Select a source
Secondary Source
If you wish add a secondary source
Phono Stage
Select to go with your turntable
Or Alternatively Add Combined Source/Amplifier
If you prefer a one box streamer/amplifier
Integrated Amplifier
Select an Amplifier
Pre Amplifier
If you prefer a pre/power solution
Power Amplifier
To combine with a pre amplifier
Select a loudspeaker
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When you have submitted your preferences we will contact you and advise on availability of your chosen components, choice of colours, final price, delivery options etc.. or arrange a demo